The 2023 Easter Seals #UnstoppABLETM Paper Egg Campaign

The Paper Egg  (#unstoppABLE) Campaign is one of Easter Seals’ signature annual fundraising initiatives.  The campaign takes place each spring in cities and towns all across Canada, and encourages Canadians to support children, youth and adults living with disabilities. Shoppers at participating retailers purchase colorful paper eggs, which when posted on store walls, demonstrate their collective support in making a big difference in their communities. 

Donations collected through the Paper Egg Campaign in Saskatchewan will remain in the province, and go towards funding programs and services that aim to improve the quality of life of children, youth and adults who are experiencing disability.  These programs and services include Camp Easter Seal, Summer Fun and Adaptive Technology Services.

In 2023, the campaign will take place across Canada from Monday, March 13th to Sunday, April 30th


Fund Development

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