Before I had ever stepped foot on Camp Easter Seal grounds, I knew of its impact from when I would ask my young patients at the paediatric clinic if they would be going back in the summer. No sooner did the words ‘Camp Easter Seal’ leave my lips than I would see them completely light up and begin to recount a memory or story from their time there. Work and curiosity would soon find me there as a paediatric resident, and during my time at Camp I was able to see how the shift from ‘I can’t’ and ‘it’s not possible’ to ‘let’s try’ and ‘we’ll find a way’ created so much freedom and possibility for campers.

The past two years have been especially hard on the many campers, volunteers and staff who wait their whole year just to return each summer to that magical place that lifts their spirits and lights them up inside! I am happy to announce that the wait is finally over! Camp will be opening its gates once again for in-person camp activities and I couldn’t be happier because I know how much it has been missed. From every corner of the province, children, youth, and adults experiencing disability will be able to return to the lush green grounds and shoreline of Camp Easter Seal.

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We can and we will…

When we think about our future world, still navigating COVID-19, I draw inspiration from campers and their often-unwavering optimism in the face of adversity. Moving forward together might mean going slow, facing challenges with compassion and patience, and working together to keep everyone safe. Camp Easter Seal is all about finding creative solutions so that everyone can participate and join in experiences, together. This summer’s camp season will certainly be no exception.

The strength in Camp…

At Camp, the assumption is always – you can do the things you put your heart and mind towards. You may need a little help, and it might take a few tries, but that’s okay! If you fall down or make a mistake, there’s always someone around to help you up, brush you off, and get on with things. I know this summer staff and campers are going to leverage the strength in Camp – teamwork, communication, innovation, creative problem solving, and finding the joy after a tough moment or day. Things might be a little different, and that’s okay. Different is okay.

Tea and a sweet treat in support of Camp Easter Seal…

Join me as I send my best wishes to staff and campers on their first year back to in person programming. I know the anticipation and excitement is growing as summer fast approaches. I would also invite you to join in the celebration by helping send a child, youth, or adult experiencing disability to Camp Easter Seal this summer. Your generous donation ensures that no one is excluded from experiencing the magic that I know firsthand exists at Camp.

It has been such a pleasure to share my recipes and memories of Camp with you over the years. As a special gift, you can download a collection of my most cherished recipes online including this year’s recipe of Lemon Sugar Cookies with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.


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