Did you know that 8 in 10 employees will miss work due to mental health issues? Reports of psychological injuries in the workplace are on the rise in Saskatchewan.  This year’s conference will focus on mental health in the workplace and resiliency; two very important topics that will benefit many.

Our conference will give attendees the opportunity to listen to skilled presenters who are passionate about mental health and sharing their experiences.  These talented professionals will offer a sense of hope, new skills and strategies, and confidence to our attendees focusing on resiliency, stress management, and mental health in the workplace. 

Our goal is to provide community members the opportunity to learn, understand, and develop strategies for working through their challenges but also having the tools to support their family, friends, or co-workers.

Speakers and Instructors

Darren Lang

Darren Lang has worked as a human resources consultant and trainer for over 30 years.  21 years ago he left his corporate job to join his wife Darci in their training company and help raise their two children Jayda and John.

It was during this time that Darren received the biggest wake up call of his life. The stress of running a business, raising small children and traveling started to take its toll.  After several months of doing nothing about it, he began to lose his zest for life and found himself in a deep rut.

In this session, you will hear the story of how he broke out of his rut and began to rebound from the big stress related issues he was dealing with.

Throughout his career Darren has shared his stress busting tools with thousands, helping them to think and feel their very best.

Jolene Watson

Jolene Watson is the President of Clarity Coaching & Development, Executive Business Coach, Emotions-Centered Coach, Personality Expert, Certified Virtual Presenter, and Award-Winning Professional Speaker. She is also a facilitator at the Praxis School of Entrepreneurship, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and Leadership Saskatoon.

Jolene is so honored to be the recipient of the NSBA Business Builder Growth & Expansion Award, the Regina Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Excellence Award, the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneurship Award, the Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan Growth & Expansion Award, and the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Service Award. She is looking forward to continuing to expand her business across Canada and truly loves being an entrepreneur!

Did you know that people tend to revert to the less preferred areas of their personality type under acute and chronic stress? This often causes out-of-character reactions that can lead to conflict and mental health issues. Jolene will discuss personality insights in terms of leadership skills, developing resilience, change management strategies, and most importantly, getting back to balance for introverts and extroverts.

Brad Siroski

Well-versed in the field of mental health and addictions, Brad Siroski is a powerful and engaging public speaker who has overcome his own battles with mental health, addictions and cancer. Through these battles he realized his most powerful tool was his voice.

He quickly captures the attention of his audience with a no-nonsense, straightforward approach, and a great sense of humour. His informative and unforgettable presentations cover his lived experience and education on a wide range of mental health and wellness topics. He also speaks candidly about how he was treated while struggling with addictions compared to how he was his treated while struggling with cancer.

Brad received a Mental Health and Addictions diploma through the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology and works as an Outreach Addictions Counselor. He recently opened a private practice and works with communities to provide mental health and addiction support through his educational groups based around Mental Wellness and Holistic Healing.

Panel Discussion

Shikara Dyck is a Safety Advisor at Service Hospitality. As a Safety Advisor she works with employers in the hospitality and community service sectors in Saskatchewan to build safety management systems, provide risk-based training, conduct safety evaluations, and offer consultation. In September 2020, Shikara became a Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor through the Canadian Mental Health Association, Saskatchewan Division. This certification allows her to help employers update their safety management systems to align with the CSA Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Shikara holds a diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from SIAST Kelsey Campus and is a Tourism Certified Professional (TCP) from Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council. In 2023, she completed the Occupational Health and Safety Certificate program with the University of New Brunswick and recently obtained the designation of a Certified Ergonomic Specialist (CES).


Ty Strawford, from White City, experienced a significant decline in their mental health during high school, which ultimately led to an ambulance ride to the emergency room. Determined to 

prevent others from enduring the same pain, Ty and his mother, Michelle, founded the “Invisible” mental health movement. Ty’s daily efforts focus on spreading knowledge and fostering understanding to help individuals suffering from mental health challenges and their loved ones. The goal at Invisible Mental Health is to build a community and support for those who suffer from mental illness and those who walk this difficult road with them. 


Britton Houdek is the Director of Mental Health and Addictions Services for South East Saskatchewan with the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Her responsibility in this role is to work collaboratively with other Mental Health Directors across Saskatchewan to build programs, polices and relationships within the community that support the Mental Health and Addictions needs of individuals in our province. 

Britton has worked with the Saskatchewan Health Authority for 13 years, and holds a BSW of Social Work from the University of Regina.   As a Registered Social Worker Britton has taken additional training in trauma, treatment of anxiety and depression in children and has certification in Play Therapy with the Canadian Association of Play Therapy.   As a social worker Britton has worked in the Remote Far North of Saskatchewan the Ministry of Social Services, KidsFirst, the Salvation Army in Regina, and the Ministry of Corrections at the Regina Provincial Correctional Center in the Domestic Violence Unit. 

Britton is an advocate for collaboration, education and innovation to bring care to the residents of our communities and uses her local and international experience to evolve the care offered to individuals in rural Saskatchewan.  Britton has lead numerous micro and macro level health care changes across South East Saskatchewan, and is a strong advocate for the rural communities in our province.      Britton is an advocate and public speaker on the topics of resilience, and mental health.  She works closely with schools in the province to support the mental health of students and teachers, and is a Certified Mental Health First Aid and Friends Resilience trainer.  The guiding light in her work is the people she serves and the belief that change is possible if we believe in a better services experience for all.

When not in the office Britton is a busy mother, avid runner and explorer of all things nature.  She preaches living for today, while pushing forward with force for tomorrow.

Aligned With Alexis

I am Alexis, a mother of two young boys, a wife to an amazing man, a business owner, a farmer, mentor – and so much more! Throughout my own mental health journeys, I have discovered many things that have worked for me, and long story short, this led me down a path of becoming a mentor/coach and Certified Sound Healer. My mentorship business started up two years ago and has grown into something I am very proud of! My passion is helping others come back “home” to themselves, “aligning” back with who they are. This work is so important to me, and also requires me to consistently check in on my own well-being, which I am thankful for. I have certifications in Reiki, Crystal Healing, and a few other modalities – but my ultimate favorite way to work with others is through conversations and connection!

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