22 April 2021

SARCAN and SaskAbilities Celebrate Earth Day with the Opening of a New Recycling Depot in Saskatoon

SARCAN and SaskAbilities Celebrate Earth Day with the Opening of a New Recycling Depot in Saskatoon

Just in time for Earth Day, SARCAN Recycling and SaskAbilities are celebrating the grand opening of a brand new state-of-the-art SARCAN Recycling depot in Saskatoon on Thursday, April 22nd. The new depot is located on the south side of the City at 2900 Jasper Avenue South, and is open to the public Monday to Saturday, from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

This relocation is as a result of increased demand for SARCAN’s services. The new Jasper Avenue SARCAN depot is double the size of the former depot, which means more space for serving customers. The new depot also has a separate room for Drop & Go, featuring two customer terminals allowing for twice the customer visits to SARCAN’s very popular lineskipping service. The new depot also has expanded capacity for serving bulk customers bottle drives, fundraisers, restaurants, and bars. There are also sliding automatic power doors, making the depot more accessible to all customers.

SARCAN operates four recycling depots in Saskatoon. The new depot on Jasper Avenue replaces the SARCAN depot formerly located on 2605 Broadway Avenue, which has now been permanently closed. This recycling depot is the busiest SARCAN depot in Saskatchewan, collecting almost 29 million beverage containers every year, and annually serving 136,000 customers.

“Since 1988, SARCAN Recycling has been a leader in creating employment opportunities for people experiencing disability, waste diversion, and community building across Saskatchewan” says SARC and SARCAN Recycling’s Executive Director, Amy McNeil. “Our new depot continues this mission by creating a larger, more efficient, and safe workplace for our team of SARCAN recyclers. We are thrilled for our customers to experience our newest recycling depot in Saskatoon not only because it is quicker and easier to visit, but also because it will meet the growing demands of our passionate and loyal customers for years to come.”

SaskAbilities has partnered with SARCAN since 1992 and operates three SARCAN depots, including the Jasper Avenue depot, as well as the SARCAN depots in Swift Current and Yorkton locations. “SaskAbilities supports people experiencing disability with programs and services to enhance their lives,” says SaskAbilities (Saskatoon Branch) Regional Director, Emily Hurd. “ We are very pleased to continue operating a SARCAN depot, at this new location, to provide ongoing supported employment opportunities and to continue building inclusive communities for people of all abilities. People are at the heart of all that we do, and this new depot provides an enhanced experience for both customers and SARCAN staff.” SaskAbilities employs 70 individuals at its three SARCAN recycling depots, including 36 employees located at the new Jasper Avenue depot in Saskatoon.

SARCAN collects and recycles 111 million beverage containers in Saskatoon each year, serving 468,000 customers from Saskatoon and surrounding area. SARCAN also provides a one-stop recycling service for household paint, end-of-life electronics, and household batteries.

SARCAN Recycling’s mandate is to provide a socially responsible and environmentally progressive recycling system that helps foster the sustainable development of communities across Saskatchewan. SARCAN’s parent organization is SARC, the provincial association that provides consultation, training, services and leadership to community-based organizations.

Before visiting Saskatoon’s newest SARCAN depot, customers are encouraged to visit SARCAN’s website (www.sarcan.ca) to learn about how to visit safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information, please contact:

Sean Homenick, Communications
Phone: (306) 933-0616, ext. 235
Email: shomenick@sarcan.sk.ca


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