30 April 2018

Today, your donation makes TWICE the difference!

By now, you’ve likely heard of Camp Easter Seal and the tremendous impact it has on individuals with disabilities – but what about the life-changing effect it has on the staff who work there?

Armand Schellenberg couldn’t have imagined a simple job application would have changed his life so drastically, but as fate would have it, it did.

“During my first summer at Camp Easter Seal six years ago, I was hit with more love and acceptance than I had ever experienced before,” he said. “Camp challenged me in ways I never expected. I began to understand what truly matters in life and what it really means to be accepting of all people.”

For Armand and the countless others who have worked at Camp Easter Seal, Camp is more than just a pay cheque. It’s a place where friendships are formed, valuable work experiences are gained, potential career paths are fostered… and lives are changed.

When you donate to Easter Seals™ Saskatchewan today, you play a role in creating brighter futures not just for campers, but also for staff members. Now is the perfect time to donate. The Sask. Automobile Dealers Association (SADA) is MATCHING all donations, up to $30,000! Thanks to SADA, your donation will make TWICE the difference in someone’s life!

Each summer, over 800 campers with disabilities wait for their chance to attend Camp Easter Seal, the only completely barrier-free camp of its kind in the province. Thank you for making it possible to celebrate over 60 years of making magical memories for children, youth and adults experiencing disability – not to mention the devoted staff members who make each summer possible.