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Quality of Life Centres

Quality of Life Day Programs provide adults experiencing disability opportunities to Be, Belong and Become.

Quality of Life Day Programs are offered in all branches, providing adults experiencing disability opportunities that are designed to enhance or maintain Being, Belonging and Becoming through community connection, personal development and recreational activities. Using MyCompass, people experiencing disability, and their family/support team, chart a course towards all the things that make life great. MyCompass ensures collaborative planning focused on actionable, engaging and empowering goals. Grounded in a personal profile, individuals are supported to tell and live their story and discover what makes them unique. An interactive timeline keeps everyone connected to share meaningful moments and track progress. Individuals served are encouraged to: make choices both at the level of day-to-day decision-making and more fundamental life choices; develop competencies and skills to be able to undertake functional and meaningful activities as desired; and participate in the social life of the community through a growing network of connections.

Community connection:
  • attend community events
  • provide volunteer services to the community
Personal development:
  • life skills are enhanced through activities such as baking, cooking, crafts, memory games, gardening, etc. 
  • communication skills are improved through peer interaction and social outings
Recreational activities:
  • bowling
  • picnics in the park
  • educational tours
  • swimming
  • drumming
  • music