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Commercial Sewing

SaskAbilities commercial sewing department can create durable, quality garments and other custom products for a wide range of industries.

Our commercial sewing departments manufacture durable quality garments and other products for a wide range of businesses and industries. As a custom manufacturer, we can create products that meet your design specifications and budget.


Meat Packaging Apparel
Veterinary Garments
Specialty Bags
Reflective striping Wrap-around 'luggers' Surgical gowns & caps Newspaper carrier bags
Flame-Resistant Indura material 80% nylon / 20% cotton Shop & lab coats Surgical wraps Conference bags
Flame-Resistant Indura material 100% cotton Color-keyed collars available Wrap-around lab coats Sample bags for industrial seed research and petroleum use
Flame-Resistant Indura material 65/35 polycotton   Mayo stand covers  
Sizes from 34 regular to 60 tall   Coveralls  
    Custom split drapes  

For more information about these products or to order, please contact a Branch nearest you.