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Holiday Campaign

Warm the hearts of others this holiday season!

So many lives are touched through Easter Seals™ programs. Programs like Adaptive Technology, help individuals living with disabilities use technology that is tailored to their unique needs. Summer Fun brings urban day camping that helps kids enjoy all that summer has to offer. Of course, near and dear to so many of us, is Camp Easter Seal Together we have created amazing memories, changed lives and formed a supportive province-wide community.

As the only completely wheelchair-accessible camp facility in Saskatchewan, Camp Easter Seal is dedicated to providing a fun and inclusive experience to all campers. Every activity is adjusted to meet the complex and diverse support needs of each individual, giving them the freedom to learn about, explore, and enjoy the world around them.

We are looking forward to celebrating the 65th anniversary of Camp Easter Seal in 2019. We will look back at the many memories created by the thousands of campers who have shared life-changing experiences that make up our camp community, some of whom have attended for many years. Camp Easter Seal means so much to people of all ages.

One of our late campers Steven, wrote this poem which so perfectly captures his camp experience:

This place of peaceful release warms the face long after sundown. The feeling of sincere compassion that holds us together so we never feel alone. The gaze here connects hearts and builds friendships. I could write a million poems over a million years, but even then my appreciation for the counsellors wouldn’t be fully recognized. As I’m sure that goes for every other camper here. I’m surprised you haven’t broken your backs yet, especially the way you bend over backwards for the campers. We all struggle over the cold winter months, but we know when summer hits, we can come back to this beautiful and caring place. I never used to understand why counsellors cry on Departure Day. Some of us don’t make it back, and as sad as it is, they went to a better place. On Day 2 before I left camp, I was sitting in the sun thinking about all those who passed away and I realized that they never really left. They exist in our memories, our hearts, our souls, and the walls around us. I wish we could just stay here and forget the world, but we can’t, so we must live forever in six days. I thank the counsellors for making our stay here so surreal and special. I hope you have a great year and find in life what you are looking for.

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