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Quality of Life Day Programs give adults experiencing disability a chance to dance, sing, play games, build puzzles, watch movies, go for walks and hang with friends. Members like you make these happy moments possible.

Your SaskAbilities membership will support QoL Day Programs, but remember, by supporting the program you will also support the people who use the program. People like Brett, Alyssa and Courtney. Brett is the outgoing prankster, Alyssa the shy but supportive “little sister” and Courtney the upbeat dancing queen. While they are as different as can be in personality, they share a common desire to have a place to be, a place to belong. The QoL Day Program fulfills that need.


You can be part of a compassionate not-for-profit organization that makes a difference in the lives of individuals who experience disability every day.

Members contribute to SaskAbilities in two important ways: - Membership provides stable financial support to our comprehensive range programs and services. - Your opinion and your vote at our Annual General Meeting will keep us accountable to our vision, mission and values.

For a minimum $10 annual membership donation, you will receive three Bulletin newsletters illustrating how your financial support is helping us create independence, inspiration and success for individuals with disabilities.


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Thank you for your support!

Did you know you can help us minimize administration and postage costs by joining our monthly giving program?
The Companion Club Monthly Giving Program is a simple way to help your donation go even further. Just select monthly as your giving option.

Please consider joining Companion Club… because in the walk of life, everyone needs a companion.