Your member contributions to SaskAbilities are so important in many ways. Your financial contributions provide stability so we can continue funding and providing a comprehensive range of programs and services, and your opinions and votes at our Annual General Meeting keep us accountable to our vision, mission and values.

We are so grateful for your support. Since 1950, SaskAbilities has been enhancing the lives of many individuals in our community experiencing disability and we couldn’t do it without you!

Join or renew your membership and help us continue creating opportunities for children, youth and adults experiencing disability in Saskatchewan. Your membership provides the comfort of knowing that you are improving the lives of thousands of families impacted by disability.

You can become a member with a minimum $10 annual donation. You may choose to donate once per year or commit to monthly donations. A Member Leader is a member who donates $150 or more within a membership year. In recognition of your generosity, Member Leaders will be highlighted in our Annual Report, a provincial publication illustrating our progress and achievements. Your support brings positive change for individuals experiencing disability in our communities throughout Saskatchewan.

For a minimum $10 annual membership donation, you help us continue to create opportunities for children, youth and adults experiencing disability in Saskatchewan.

Become a Member

To be eligible to vote at our Annual General Meeting, you must renew or become a member 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting which occurs in April of each year. Please watch for our announcements each year for a confirmed date and time.

A membership year runs from October 1st through to September 30th. For example, an individual that becomes a member between October 1st 2021 – September 30th, 2022 would be considered a 2022 member.

SaskAbilities staff members have the option to become a member by making monthly donations through payroll deduction. A form is available through Human Resources.
Please email if you have any questions or require assistance.