The Special Needs Equipment program provides the following services:

Equipment Loan Program, funded by Saskatchewan Health:

  • Available for Saskatchewan residents with a valid Saskatchewan Health Services card
  • Equipment must be requisitioned by an Occupational Therapist (OT) or Physical Therapist (PT)
    • Therapy services may be assigned to you as part of a hospital stay or a rehabilitation treatment plan
    • Services may be accessed in your home or as an outpatient. Contact your local hospital or community health care centre for information
    • Ask your family doctor or other health care professional for a referral to occupational therapy or physiotherapy
    • Links to help you find and OT or PT:
  • A variety of mobility (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.) and environmental equipment (hospital beds, commodes, etc.) are available for loan

SaskAbilities will call to arrange pickup of the following items: wheelchairs, wheelchair cushions, lifts, and hospital beds.

For all other items, pickup is available at our any of our office locations from 8:30AM to 4:30PM on a first come, first served basis.
Please ensure a requisition has been completed by an OT or PT. This requisition must be provided via fax, online submission or a physical copy, in order for equipment to be released.

Items Available for Loan

The Special Needs Equipment loan program is proudly funded by Saskatchewan Health.

The following equipment types are available for loan:

Mobility Aids:
  • Wheelchairs
    • Standard manual wheelchairs
    • Standard recliner manual wheelchairs
    • Ultralight manual wheelchairs
    • Tilt-in-space manual wheelchairs
    • Standard power wheelchairs
    • Tilt-in-space power wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair cushions
  • Folding walkers
  • Walker Gutter attachments
  • Kaye postural walkers
  • Paediatric Mobility Aids:
    • Convaid Cruiser
    • Kid Kart
  • Forearm Crutches
Environmental Aids:
  • Bathroom Accessories:
    • Transfer tub seats
    • Stationary commodes
    • Combination commodes
    • Child’s commodes
    • Bathtub lifts
Transfer Assists:
  • Sask-A-Poles
  • Sask-A-Pole kneeboards
  • Sask-A-Pole trapezes
  • Versa Helper trapezes with floor stands
  • Hydraulic patient lifts
Hospital Beds & Accessories:
  • Electric hospital beds with mattresses
  • Over bed tables
Paediatric Wooden Equipment
  • Height Adjustable Chairs
  • Height Adjustable Tables
  • Therapy Benches

Restricted Loan Equipment

The Special Needs Equipment loan program is proudly funded by Saskatchewan Health.

Recipients of the Supplementary Health Program (SHP), Saskatchewan Income Plan (SIP) or the Family Health Benefits program (FHB) may loan additional low-cost devices listed below at no charge. For clarification of SHP, SIP or FHB coverage, contact the Ministry of Health at 306.787.7121.

Mobility Aids:
  • Adjustable off set handle canes
  • Four point canes
  • Gutter canes
  • Walk canes
  • Standard axillary crutches
  • Gutter crutch attachments
Environmental Aids:
  • Bathroom Accessories
    • Bath tub clamps
    • Wall bars
    • Utility bath seats (with and without back)
    • Toilet arm rest sets
    • Raised toilet seats
Other Environmental Aids:
  • Helping hand reachers
  • Transfer boards
  • Ice grippers for canes and crutches

Loan Program

The Special Needs Equipment loan program is proudly funded by Saskatchewan Health.

Key services of the program include:

  • A variety of environmental and ambulatory equipment is provided on a free loan basis to Saskatchewan residents who possess a valid Health Services number and are not eligible for funding from any other government agency
  • A requisition signed by an approved health care professional is required
  • The equipment can be loaned to the client for as long as it is required. However, it must be returned if it is no longer required by the individual, the equipment is replaced, or the beneficiary moves out of the province
  • Repair and maintenance of loaned equipment is provided free of charge
  • Special Needs Equipment is a recycle program and returned equipment is refurbished and reused

Repair and Maintenance

Repair and maintenance services are available free of charge for all equipment provided under the loan program.

Trained repair technicians will repair loaned equipment to ensure it continues to function well. If the equipment cannot be repaired, the equipment will be replaced with a comparable model. All patient lifting equipment (hydraulic patient lifts and bath lifts) require scheduled maintenance. Clients with this equipment on loan will be contacted by the Special Needs Equipment program when equipment is due for service. 

An appointment is required to help provide quick and efficient service for all clients. If you have a concern about the condition of loaned equipment, require more information on repair and maintenance services or wish to book an appointment, please contact the Special Needs Equipment Depot nearest you.

Retail Sales

Available for Purchase

A variety of items that are not covered under the Special Needs Equipment loan program are available for purchase at all depots. 

  • No referral is required! Retail products can be purchased by anyone
  • New and used equipment is available
  • Click order form for a complete list of items and costs
  • Retail items can be picked up at any depot or shipped to you by courier or mail. Details regarding shipping charges are listed on the order form

Equipment Refunds

SaskAbilities is pleased to offer short-term users a partial refund upon return of a purchased item.

  • Item must have been purchased at one of our depots. Original purchase receipt is required
  • Item must be in usable condition suitable for resale
  • Refunds are issued for equipment returned up to six months from the original purchase date. Based on the length of time the equipment has been used, the refund schedule is as follows:
    • 0 to 2 months – refund 50% of purchase price
    • 2 to 4 months – refund 33% of purchase price
    • 4 to 6 months – refund 25% of purchase price
  • Taxes paid will not be refunded

Please note that refunds are not available on raised toilet seats.

Resources for Clinicians

Special Needs Equipment Manual – a collection of PDF documents arranged in sections for easy access of a particular item. For a complete PDF (of all pages), along with various program forms, go to the appendix section and click on the full document link.


Hospital Bed Criteria FormFillable PDFPrintable PDF
Paediatric Wooden Equipment – Order FormFillable PDFPrintable PDF
SNE Wheelchair Requisition FormFillable PDFPrintable PDF
SNE Equipment RequisitionFillable PDFPrintable PDF

Secure upload for completed requisitions

* Note:
– For all manual tilt in space wheelchair applications or adaptive seating requisitions, please visit our Specialized Seating area

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