SaskAbilities is an accredited facility employing certified practitioners and registered technical staff for the provision of orthopaedic services. We serve clients of all ages and accept referrals from across the province.

Rehabilitation Services

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Orthopaedic services include


Orthotics is the use of braces to correct or support weak or ineffective joints or muscles. The orthosis (the brace or support) may be custom fabricated or pre-manufactured and fit to meet individual needs.

Examples of the type of orthoses provided at SaskAbilities are back braces, knee braces, splints, ankle braces and wrist braces. Most orthotic services are covered benefits under Saskatchewan Health with a requisition from an approved medical specialist. Some items such as certain knee braces will be cost shared, and we carry some retail items such as back corsets and tennis elbow braces available for purchase.


  • A requisition from an approved medical specialist
  • Appointments are required for orthotic services


Pedorthics refers to custom-made or modified products related to the foot. This includes:

  • Custom arch supports
  • Shoe raises
  • Shoe modifications
  • Custom fabricated footwear
  • Toe fillers
  • Therapeutic footwear


  • A referral from a physician or appropriate health care professional
  • Appointments are required for pedorthic services


Prosthetics is the provision of artificial devices to replace missing limbs. SaskAbilities provides both upper and lower limb prostheses custom fabricated and fit to the individual client.


  • A requisition from an approved medical specialist
  • Appointments are required for prosthetic services

Specialized Seating

Specialized Seating provides wheelchair supports to improve positioning and comfort for individuals who have difficulty with upright seating or trunk balance. 


With proper seating support clients: 

  • May find daily living activities easier
  • See improved skin health
  • May experience less pain


  • Assessment, fabrication, fitting and review of specialized seating appliances involves input from healthcare professionals, the client and caregivers to meet the unique needs of each individual.
  • An assessment and a requisition from an approved medical specialist are required.

Requisitioner Resources

Available Specialized Seating Resources

Prosthetic & Orthotic Requisition FormFillable PDFPrintable PDF
Application for Specialized Seating DeviceFillable PDFPrintable PDFSecure Upload
Custom Wheelchair Tray Order FormFillable PDFPrintable PDF
Custom Wheelchair Seat Order FormFillable PDFPrintable PDF