These parking areas may provide extra space for lifts and wheelchairs or other mobility devices and can reduce the distance you have to travel.

Specific criteria for parking permits is detailed on the following application forms:

Printable FormPrintable Form
New Application(Online)New Application(Online)


Complete the application as follows:

  • Section 1 is to be completed in the name of the individual with a disability regardless of their age or whether they drive a vehicle.
  • Section 2 is for completion by any one of the following health professionals: chiropractor, nurse practitioner, occupational therapist, physical therapist or physician.
  • Walk-in applications can be processed at any SaskAbilities locations listed below.
  • Mail-in applications are processed at the office location in Saskatoon only.

Accessible Parking Program

2310 Louise Avenue
Saskatoon, SK  S7J 2C7 306.385.7213

Application forms are also available at the following SaskAbilities locations:

Prince Albert

1205 1st Avenue East
Prince Albert, SK  S6V 2A9
1.888.987.5215 306.764.8376


#2 - 1723 Francis Street
Regina, SK  S4N 7N2
306.569.1262 306.352.4282

Swift Current

Entrance B
1551 North Railway Street West
Swift Current, SK  S9H 5G3
1.833.526.5299 306.773.7460


144 Ball Road
Box 5011
Yorkton, SK  S3N 3Z4
1.833.444.4126 306.783.1234

Accessible Parking FAQs

An individual must be unable to walk unassisted for more than 50 metres (164 feet) without great difficulty or danger to their health and safety in order to qualify for a parking permit. In Saskatchewan, there are five healthcare professionals who can authorize the application form -physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, and chiropractors.

One of the five authorized healthcare professionals must confirm the medical information on the initial application for all parking permits. Once the form is complete, it can be mailed into the address on the application form or brought in to any Special Needs Equipment depot, along with the $10 permit fee.

The permit holder is responsible to ensure proper use of the parking permit. The permit may be used in any vehicle transporting the registered permit holder, but can only be used when the permit holder will be entering or exiting the vehicle. Display the permit on the rear view mirror of your vehicle with the expiry date facing the front of the vehicle. Please do not drive with the permit hanging from the mirror.

Individuals who have a short term or long term permit are required to reapply by having the application form completed by their healthcare professional. Individuals who have a permanent permit are not required to resubmit the medical information to renew their permit. They can self-declare by filling out Section 1 of the application form. They will not need to have the application form completed by a healthcare professional. Reminder notifications are sent to all existing permanent parking permit holders when it is time to renew their permit.

Yes. There is a $10 fee every time a permit is issued, which was introduced in 2011. The fee is used to cover costs associated with the program, including expenses such as the cost of permits, stickers, labour, etc. The applicant is responsible for any fees the healthcare professional may charge for the completion of the form.

We cannot accept an emailed or faxed application form for a parking permit, as the original signature of both applicant and doctor are required to process the application.

Yes, you are eligible for a parking permit if you meet the medical criteria. Applications are completed in the name of the person with the disability, regardless of age or if they drive or own a vehicle. The permit is designed to be transferable so it can be used in any vehicle the person with the disability rides in.

Application forms are available at all SaskAbilities branches, many SGI motor licence issuers, and on our website at

If you are legally blind, you are eligible for a parking permit.

Permits that are expired or no longer needed should be returned to the nearest SaskAbilities branch or call 306.385.7213

Other provinces/territories will recognize these parking permits, but it is the responsibility of the permit holder to comply with local municipal laws if using their permit in other jurisdictions. The permit style in Saskatchewan, which hangs from the rear view mirror, is the North American standard design.

No. The permit is designed to be easily moved from one vehicle to another, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to have their permit with them in the vehicle if they plan to use designated parking spaces.

Misuse of a parking permit can be reported to the Accessible Parking Program office, either by email, telephone, or in person. We require the permit number, a description of the person using the permit, and where and when the permit was being misused. All information shared with the Accessible Parking Program is kept confidential.

SGI became involved with the parking program with the introduction of a special licence plate and/or placard in the past. The Handicapped Licence Plate Program was discontinued in 1997 and replaced with placards displayed on the dash of the vehicle. SGI facilitated the change to a renewable permit, introduced in 2008 after consultation with user groups. However, SaskAbilities administers the program.