1 December 2020

From today until Dec 31, your donation will make TWICE the difference!

Nick Fraser smiles as he introduces his faithful sidekick “Woody”, an old-fashioned pullstring cowboy toy based on a character from the Toy Story movies. Nick pulls the string. “I’m looking for adventure,” Woody says and Nick smiles. His faithful cowboy accompanied Nick on his first trip to Camp Easter Seal six years ago and has been with him on every visit since then (except one, and his parents made double sure Woody was in the suitcase the next year). Nick loves the adventure of Camp Easter Seal. He loves staying in the cabin, playing pranks on cabinmates and participating in all the different activities. “That’s the one thing that always rises to the top when Nick talks about Camp — the fun,” says mom Gerry Ann. “It’s a place where he can go and have fun and not be judged.”

Nick always looks forward to his week away at Camp. “That first year, he was so excited to go,” Gerry Ann says. “When we arrived, we met the Camp staff and got a tour. It didn’t take long before Nick was happily walking away with his new counsellor, off to see his cabin — after that, he never once asked to come home.


SaskAbilities staff worked hard to create an online virtual camp program to help campers stay connected. It’s not the same as being at Camp, but Nick’s mom said he sat at their kitchen island for two hours, singing camp songs and listening as online camp friends shared stories. We’re hoping 2021 brings better news in terms of the pandemic, but we’re also planning ahead just in case.

Starting today, you can donate to our holiday campaign and make TWICE the difference because of our generous partners at Amway through Easter Seals Canada.  Your holiday gift will help ensure Nick and thousands of other Saskatchewan residents continue to have new adventures at Camp Easter Seal every summer and at SaskAbilities’ programs year round. Please consider making a donation of $50, $100 or $200.

To make a donation online, please click here to be directed to Easter Seals™ Canada’s website. 

Your donation still comes to us, just select SASKATCHEWAN (pictured below) as the province to receive your donation and we will receive it back with a matching amount at the end of the campaign.

You may have also received our letter in the mail today and your donation can also be matched if you are sending us payment by credit card information or over the phone. Please note that matched donations will receive their tax receipt from Easter Seals Canada.   Your donation is still making a difference right here in Saskatchewan.